New Generations Service Exchange


The New Generations Service Exchange programme is a short term International Exchange programme, the objective of which is to create goodwill and international understanding. In addition to vocational experience and cultural immersion there will be the opportunity to take part in international voluntary service opportunities. 

The worldwide Rotary networks of International Service, Vocational Service and Youth Service will open up the number of countries where opportunities will enable candidates to…

  • Build a network of like-minded friends
  • Develop new skills and experience that will help them in their chosen career
  • Increase their chance of first choice of university place
  • Learn about other cultures and practices
  • Improve the lives of those in poorer countries

The programme is open to:

  • Young adults between the ages of 18 and 30          
  • Students who have just completed their secondary education and who want a taste of a vocation which interests them before university or college
  • Those in university or college education and graduates
  • Those looking to develop their skills and for experience  within a given vocation
  • Those just wanting to help others less fortunate than themselves

The opportunities are open to individuals or groups and can be up to six months duration – the length of time is your decision – it is flexible. Candidates can stay with Rotary host families if they are able or in hotels or hostels if not. This may depend on the location of your project and therefore the type of accommodation available. Whichever it is the local Rotary club will have checked it out before you arrive.

Projects undertaken must fit within Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus

  1. Education and Literacy                                                               
  2. Water and Sanitation
  3. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  4. Disease Prevention
  5. Maternal and Child Health
  6. Economic and Community Development

Participants must have sponsorship of a local Rotary club in the place they are visiting and support of the sending District Youth Service chair, and District Governor.

The Host district will arrange for local transportation, housing and activities.


  • It is flexible
    • You decide what type of project you would like to be involved with as long as it meets one of the six Areas of Focus
    • You can decide where you go in the world – Rotary is worldwide
    • You decide how long you go for
  • It may support your studies at university or in your workplace
  • It might just be something you have always wanted to do
  • You can join up with friends and work together or you can meet new friends from different parts of the world

NGSE programmes need not be reciprocal.


You will need to pay for your travel costs, insurances, health protection and spending money. You may be given financial support by your local Rotary club in the UK but this is entirely voluntary on their part. You will need to go and talk to them.

What visas should NGSE participants obtain?

Typically, you will travel on a tourist visa. Some countries may limit tourist visas to less than 6 months in the country, so the duration of the NGSE will have to take this into account.

You will need to complete a Registration of Interest form to indicate the project you are interested in and the area you are interested in travelling to.

Are there any opportunities for me right now?

As of 18th December 2015 you can take part in the following experiences:

Title Rotary District Country Dates  Age Range Brochure Download
 Himalayan Adventure Camp    India 21st Mar to 4th Apr 2016  16 to 25  Himalayan Adventure Camp
 Workshops on Peace: CAMP Internacional Rotary Maspalomas  District 2201  Spain  11th Jul to 22nd Jul 2016  18-27  Workshops on Peace: CAMP Internacional Rotary Maspalomas

To find out if there are anymore opportunities or to find out anymore information, go to the NGSE website. Remember you can still customize your NGSE experience in a way that suits you best.

I want to take part. What do I do to register?

Complete the Registration of Interest Form and email to  To have a contact with a local Rotary club is also a benefit as you will be hosted with Rotarians while you are away. Think carefully about answering the Registration Form, give as many details as possible to allow for an accurate placement being organised for you, remember the people reading the form want to know as much about you as possible.

Download Register Interest Form

Download Registration of Interest Form

Case Studies  

Here are examples of NGSE visits that people either have made or are making in the near future.

Alex Radu  

Alex is a student at Oxford Brookes University taking a Business related degree. She went to work in Zambia for two months during a university summer break.

She worked at Libala High School and Libala Basic School covering a variety of subjects. She taught cookery to the younger students, along with team building activities and with the senior students she supported them with writing letters of application, money management , and various aspects of job and university application. She also talked to them about Project Management and the skills required to be successful.

She visited Rotakids Clubs in Lusaka  linked to the Wye Valley Zambia Project A very busy time for her but full of a wide variety of experiences. She was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires

Charlotte Wheatley  

Charlotte had graduated from Plymouth University with a BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography. She was seeking vocational experience with an NGO or governmental research organisation in the field of marine or environmental modelling, monitoring or management or any work in a similar field – such as environmental conservation or research. She was due to begin an MSc Climate Change course in and once she had completed that she hoped to either join a marine consultancy company or a governmental research group undertaking climate change research. Eventually she hoped to complete a PhD in a climate-related field.

For her NGSE programme she travelled to Australia  and worked in  an Environmental Coastal Management Centre, again during her break between her university courses.

Rachel, Natalie and Adam

ngse-rachel-gerrish-01These three young people were selected for an International RYLA course in India that was for a week and then through an NGSE application were able to stay on longer to work in schools and with youth groups. Rachel worked in a slum school and this made such an impression on her that she came back and did a sky jump to raise funds to send educational resources out to the school.

Doing a sky jump is NOT a requirement of NGSE – don’t panic. All three of them have made lots of friends through their time in India and have travelled to many places to meet up with them.






Carrie-Anne and Katie

These two students are studying Geography at Bath Spa University and as part of their course have to undertake a project on sustainability and environmental impact.

They plan to go to Mumbai this summer to work for a charity called Toybank. The aims of Toybank are based on the fact that Street children are subject to malnutrition, hunger, health problems, substance abuse, theft, harassment by the city police and railway authorities, physical and sexual abuse. Inadequacy of budget allocation in Mumbai impacts on sustainability of projects and, in particular, the ability to employ qualified and experienced social workers. There is evidence that childhood and adolescent depression is on the rise through the child’s growing years. Play through toys helps the children distract their minds from these hazardous environments. It helps them from succumbing to the distress caused by their circumstances.  

They are planning to work with the charity and spend time working with the street children    


These are a few examples of NGSE exchanges that are possible. The important factors are that NGSE is flexible, as long as your plans meet one of the six Rotary Areas of Focus and you have the potential to support yourself financially for your travel then you are off to a good start.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have an experience that will be life changing and memorable, don’t let the chance pass you by.

The world is your oyster